Saturday, September 24, 2011

Notes From the First 3 Quarters at Buffalo

Without phenomenal defense thus far in this game, UConn isn't even close in this game. And without one big play from Nick Williams the offense would still be without a touchdown against a defense that is much worse than any of the teams they will play after this, which is a huge concern moving forward (as if everyone didn't know coming into this year the offense would be the concern). To this point in the game the offense has been, a mild way to describe it would be unwatchable. The Huskies are just 2/9 on third down attempts and have a total of 210 yards and because of the obvious nature of the game plan only 65 of those came on the ground putting a lot of pressure on the quarterbacks who have proven to be ineffective once again.

On a similar note Buffalo's offense has been unable to score, although they have reached the red zone on more occasions an interception in the endzone and a missed field goal have kept the Bulls at a lowly score of three so far in this game. While they have had more total yards the interception and the big play giveaway to Nick Williams have been the difference in keeping the Huskies up by a touchdown. 10-3 heading into the 4th.

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