Saturday, September 24, 2011

UConn Visits Buffalo, Game Preview

Here we are again, another game gone by and another disappointing showing from the UConn football team (not to mention another bogus prediction from yours truly). The numbers I had were almost perfect picking UConn to win a 24-21, UConn lost 20-24, but more importantly the record falls to 1-2 on the season. The schedule does not get any easier as we progress through the season as most of the Big East would be able to take care of the likes of Vanderbilt and Iowa State (who are both 3-0 now) and UConn plays the toughest Big East teams on the road this year. This means that to be bowl eligible UConn will most likely have to beat one of the following, West Virginia, South Florida, Pitt, or Cincinnati. This is assuming they win today against a struggling Buffalo team and then against the lower Big Easters in Syracuse, Rutgers, and Louisville leaving their record at 6-2 without a win against the four best. A 6-6 UConn team does not go to a bowl game. My prediction for a 9-3 season was based on the Huskies playing well right off the bat and going 5-0 against inferior competition, but no matter how you break it down or how I try to defend it without a miracle of coaching and a complete turnaround offensively this team has no chance of winning nine games. I won't make another season prediction I will stick with my guns but without much improved play and some serious wins this team will miss a bowl game for the first time in five years.

Anyway on to today's game against Buffalo, a game pitting two teams on the waiting list to get on ESPN's bottom ten teams in the nation. The game is at 6pm on SNY if you're in the Connecticut area or on if you're anywhere else. Unfortunately for UConn fans there isn't much positive to say following the loss to Iowa State, the offense continues to struggle failing to put up points and limiting turnovers but the defense played well. This game should be more along the lines of the Fordham game for the Huskies as the Bulls only win this year came against Stony Brook and so the level of competition drops off significantly from Iowa State and UConn needs to take advantage and pull out a win. My prediction for this game is UConn winning in a big way and starting the turnaround to restart the season similar to last year's end of the year 5-0 run by beating the Bulls 28-10.

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