Friday, October 14, 2011

Prediction For USF v. UConn This Weekend

In spite of all the talk of expansion surrounding the Big East going into the weekend there is still nothing concrete about movements made yet. The speculation is promising but for now we'll focus on what is happening, homecoming. This Huskies team has struggled the past two weeks in pass defense giving up over 400 yards in both occasions, and with South Florida having one of the most prolific athletes in the conference it seems that there is little hope for UConn. However, when you look at the stats from the Bulls game two weeks ago against Pitt before their bye week they gave up over 220 yards of rushing to Ray Graham. While I don't think the Huskies have as good a running game as Pitt I do think this game exposed some serious weakness in the Bulls defense. Against Notre Dame, South Florida was able to force turnovers while giving up lots of yards. If in fact the Huskies can run the ball effectively and manage clock they could win this game. I like their chances especially considering South Florida's past record in the middle to late parts of the season, this team always fades after a fast start.

I'm gonna go ahead and play the loyal fan who can't pick against his team, especially on homecoming against a team the Huskies have had success against in the past. Stopping the USF pass game while running the ball are the keys to this game, along with better special teams play (Dave Teggart!!!!).

USF 20 - UConn 23

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