Wednesday, October 26, 2011

3 Quarters Down In UConn vs. Pitt

Pitt leads 28-13

Finally some UConn offense as McEntee gets lucky on a defensive mixup and has time to lob the ball downfield for a touchdown. He still has failed to maintain a pocket presence and it cost the Huskies a second touchdown in the quarter. The defense for the Huskies continues to fail to figure out the very generic offensive scheme of the Pitt Panthers as their offense scored for the fourth time in the game.

If UConn does lose this game it will be because of failed execution on the part of the qb McEntee and poor play calling by the coaching staff both offensively and defensively, if your running back is approaching 100 yards in the third quarter you give him the ball and take it out of the hands of your quarterback who is completing a horrific 16% of his passes.

This one is on Pasqualoni, and it may cost UConn a shot at a bowl for the first time in six years.

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