Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Halftime In Pittsburgh

Pitt leads 21-3

Despite my considerable push for McEntee to be replaced, he remains the quarterback through the second quarter. He continues to look terrified in the pocket despite the excellent protection he's receiving, especially McCombs picking up extra rushers out of the backfield, he seems unwilling to stand and deliver. There were a couple throws that should have been caught but for the most part this Pitt team has the Huskies figured out by playing run blitz with zone coverage knowing McEntee isn't accurate enough to do any significant damage. Through the first half he is a miserable 2-13 passing with 5 sacks taken, and i say taken because all of them have been his fault for holding the ball yoo long At least with a wildcat attack the defense will be more on its toes trying to decide what to defend instead of instinctively knowing. Dave Teggart missed a field goal in the quarter but it was a 49 yarder with a bad snap to boot so it wasn't entirely his fault.

Pitt's offense was much less effective for most of the second quarter, however the UConn defense gave up big plays late to allow Pitt into the end zone for the third time in the game. There has been nothing about this game that says Pitt wouldnt win handedly from the kickoff. The usually reliable defense is looking very similar to the Western Michigan game giving up easy first downs and big plays at will while the offense is reminiscent of the last two weeks just struggling to get a first down a drive.

Without significant improvement in play from all components as well as a much needed qb change from the coach this UConn teams could see its bowl aspirations go up in flames just eight games into the season.

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