Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What We Learned First Quarter

Pitt leads 14-0

This UConn passing attack is even worse than the statistics show. McEntee has had time and open receivers, what he hasn't had is patience or control. This team has no identity outside of the run and Pitt knows it and has loaded the box and dared the Huskies to pass, and they've tried unsuccessfully. McEntee looks skittish in th pocket and instead of keeping his eyes downfield he tucks the ball and takes a sack or runs for no gain. In this situation and based on the zero success the offense has had, a wildcat quarterback is a perfect solution. Put in Scott McCummings and let him run wild. McEntee had wholly ineffective and looks afraid to play on the big stage so it's time to give someone else a shot, anyone else really.

On the flip side Pitt loses its best player early in the quarter and hasn't looked phased at all, running the quick outs and screens that killed UConn in the early portion of the second half against South Florida. Their running game has been stellar as a result of the decreased pressure in the front seven for UConn. Unless something changes and in a big hurry, this is gonna get ugly in a big hurry for Husky faithful.

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