Sunday, October 9, 2011

ACC Invite Blocked By Old Foe BC

It has been revealed that the ACC wanted UConn to be the 14th member of their new look conference instead of Pittsburgh, the only thing in the way of that invite was the all too familiar animosity Boston College feels towards the Huskies. According to a quote from the athletic director at BC "we didn't want them in, it was a matter of turf. We wanted to be the New England team." This continued animosity from the Eagles doomed UConn to remain in the flailing Big East conference, for now, which has not been the wish of school officials. It's no surprise that BC wants to keep the Huskies out of their conference, UConn has much better basketball programs that already take the top tier talent from Massachusetts but now with a football conference that is the fastest growing in NCAA history by being the fastest to go to Division 1 football to a BCS game ever the officials at BC have to be worried that with head to head competition between the two schools a distinct possibility in the near future kids deciding between the two might choose to come to Connecticut. When the news broke that Syracuse and Pitt were leaving the Big East to join the ACC one of my friends asked if I thought UConn was a potential 15th or 16th member, I cited the hatred that BC holds for UConn as a big blocker to us being added even though I thought we'd be on a short list of potential schools. It's nice to see that I was right in that the ACC as a whole recognizes that of the schools available and willing to join UConn is at the top of a very small list. Unfortunately for Huskies fans, this also means that the block put up by BC is substantial and even though the ACC as a whole thinks UConn would make a great addition the nay-saying of the likes of Boston College may be enough to keep the Huskies out for good.

If this is a bad thing remains to be seen as schools interested in joining the Big East for football only continues to grow. If in fact the Big East can somehow manage to add six quality teams like the service academies in football only, or the likes of UCF the Big East may actually be better off before the ACC expansion took away Pitt and Syracuse. I like the aggressive pursuit of what's best for the school though by new president Susan Herbst, tried to get to the ACC when it was possible and now that it looks like for now the Big East will remain the home of the Huskies she is working very hard to sure up the conference to ensure its future. I'm excited by all the possibilities this offers the Big East and its fans, with new rivalries to form and more great basketball to come in about a week there is a lot to look forward to.

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