Sunday, October 9, 2011

What's Next For The 2-4 Huskies

If you're a UConn fan watching the game Saturday against West Virgina you felt, like I did, that through most of that game the Huskies had a legitimate chance at pulling a humongous upset and turning the season around by going 3-3 against one of the best teams in the conference. Unfortunately you were wrong, the pass defense was never good enough to handle that offense and the offense just isn't very good. Geno Smith passed for 450 yards and four touchdowns and the West Virginia offense in the second half didn't need many yards to score off UConn miscues and another mediocre special teams effort. Dave Teggart missed another field goal in this game that would've sent the Huskies to halftime with a lead and some more momentum. I find it very hard to watch this team and not feel like there is more potential than is being showed on the field, and that if somehow they could get to that level in all parts of the game in the same game they'd have a real good shot in any of the games they've lost. In the first half UConn held the WVU offense to just ten points, but in the second they were simply on the field too often in disadvantageous situations that turnovers and poor punting get them in. It's unbelievable that the Huskies offense can drive the length of the field to the Mountaineers five yard line, fumble, and then never get back the rest of the game. Without consistency in all areas of the game from this Huskies unit there is little chance they can win four of the remaining six games on the schedule the way they need to to become bowl eligible. Luckily for the Huskies the Big East isn't exactly turning heads with the success they are having. Next up is South Florida, a team that started hot like always and got punished against Pitt. Pitt lost big to Rutgers over the weekend, proving that there is no separation between the middle of the pack teams in the Big East. It's homecoming and the crowd will be rowdy, if the Huskies show up and play well in all three facets of the game they can beat this South Florida team that has struggled in big situations.

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