Saturday, October 15, 2011

Big 3rd Quarter for UConn, USF - UConn

UConn leads 16-10

While the offense continues to fail to get in the end zone, the Huskies defense gave up a touchdown to start the second half and then forced a fumble and returned it for a touchdown. Luckily for UConn, USF has failed to show the same offensive production after the touchdown and has missed a field goal as well. This game has been filled a mistakes from both squads but South Florida's fumble which resulted in a UConn touchdown is the key so far.

If UConn is going to hold onto this lead they need to give their defense some rest, after holding the ball for over twenty minutes in the first half they only had possession for five minutes in the third quarter. The defense is playing well and keeping the Huskies in this game, but without some offensive production that either results in points or maintains possession for a long period of time it's going to be hard to keep BJ Daniels and the Bulls out of the end zone and taking the lead.

Final thoughts and reactions following the end of the game.

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