Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halftime In Storrs, USF - UConn

The mistakes made by the Huskies in this quarter were numerous, and yet they leave the field with a 6-3 lead over the South Florida Bulls.

In the first three drives of the second quarter UConn fumbled, a dropped pass forced a punt, and a fumble. Johnny McEntee has impressed me with his accuracy when he has been given a chance to throw, but while the offensive line has been great in run blocking it seems USF defenders have a free pass to harass the QB.

Fortunately the defense has come together for the Huskies, forcing two turnovers and playing well stopping BJ Daniels for the most part and solidifying the run defense in the second quarter.

As predicted the Huskies have run the ball, but really without better protection for McEntee the Bulls are going to continue to stack the box and force field goals. UConn had a shot from the one yard line and were driving near the end of the half and in both instances in the shortened field either McEntee got kicked around and a field goal was forced or they stopped the run aggressively and forced a field goal.

While I'm impressed with the defense and the special teams have played solidly through the first half, without finishing with a touchdown I'm not confident that the prolific USF offense won't end up stealing this game.

For having held the ball for over two thirds of the first half, having only six points is unacceptable. South Florida starts the second half with the ball, more updates to come.

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